The only thing that is constant is change.

In today's world it's no longer enough for a lawyer to know just the law. It's vital to have up-to-date expertise in management, finance and modern technology. Skill at forecasting is also essential, reducing legal and economic risks to business ventures.

Long years in the legal profession have allowed our firm to gather the experience and skills necessary to serve businesses and economic projects with tremendous success. This means we are now experts at saving our customers time and money

We combine knowledge of our profession and our region with specialist expertise in many different fields. This enables us to serve customers working in many areas of the economy both at home and abroad.

I invite you to take advantage of the innovative solutions TON. Law offers so together we can achieve success.

We can make the impossible possible!

About TON.

We offer professional advisory services to business entities, providing strategic, legal and financial consulting.

Our clients include some of the leading businesses in the market. We specialise in services for foreign businesses operating in Poland and Polish entrepreneurs operating in the European Union.

We will find the correct solutions to your legal problems and provide support in the field of public relations and public affairs, which can be a decisive factor in the success of many projects.

We also advise and assist our clients in obtaining funds for the implementation of their projects.

Business areas


We provide regular and ad hoc legal services covering fundamental aspects of our clients’ businesses.


We show clients the sources of financing business projects and their percentage share in the venture.

Pro Bono

Attention to social concerns – with special emphasis on the development of the social economy – is an inherent part of our strategy.